Ledson Hotel Room - Edna Cunningham Edna Cunningham
Welcome to Edna's room. A quaint European-themed room complete with warm brick red accents, inviting furniture, a bathtub built for two, and a delightful balcony made for sipping wine and star-gazing. Edna Cunningham— Noble Ledson's mother and Steve's grandmother—was a wonderful, hard-working, and thoughtful woman. After marrying Barker Ledson in 1913, she bore three sons: Noble, Whitby, and Winslow and helped out on their cattle ranch whenever she could. Edna followed her husband's lead by being resourceful when his company started a new endeavor using delivery trucks to deliver Eucalyptus for firewood.

Edna's room holds hints of green speckled throughout acting as a nod to Edna's love of the color and her penchant for synchronicity, as she was known to love color-coordinating—right down to her gardening tools. For those breezy, romantic Sonoma County nights, a fireplace is situated at the end of your bed as an invitation to get cozy. Cuddle with the one you love and enjoy a worry-free vacation in gorgeous wine country. The Paris city map, the subtle elegance of the décor, and the purposeful decoration from the wooden floors to the carved fireplace will make you feel like you are a visitor in a royal palace; Edna would be proud.

As a loving mother, dedicated wife, and hardworking creative spirit, Edna spent her life in the pursuit of providing a wonderful life for those she loved and in turn, Edna's room and the staff at the Ledson Hotel will use the same standards to provide a great experience for all who stay here.

Ledson Hotel Room - Edna Cunningham (Details) Ledson Hotel Room - Edna Cunningham (Details) Ledson Hotel Room - Edna Cunningham (Details)