Ledson Hotel Room - Whitby Whitby
Welcome to Whitby's room. Whitby Ledson—Noble's brother & Steve's uncle—the youngest of "The Ledson Boys," was an avid farmer and participated with his brothers in FFA competitions in high school in which some of their livestock won awards. The boys started their own company by delivering home goods to their neighbors until they all left for college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Ledson Hotel Room - Whitby (Details) Whitby's room is as clean-cut as the young picture sitting on the wall outside. Warm shades of green like sea foam and celadon paired with gold throughout invite you to lie down and take a nap or settle into your bedroom bathtub with a glass of wine. The balcony is a must see for people-watching in the historic Town Square or just grabbing a bit of fresh air. This room invites relaxation, so don't feel shy about making yourself at home here.

Ledson Hotel Room - Whitby (Details) Whitby returned from the war and became a cattle rancher who branched out into the restaurant business with his wife and two young children. When the restaurant went out of business Whitby brought his family back to Sonoma County and went to work for two prestigious family-owned wineries: B.R. Cohn and Kunde. Whitby kept up his dedication to his position as provider until his death in 1997.

Ledson Hotel Room - Whitby (Details)