Ledson Hotel Rooms - Winslow Winslow
Welcome to Winslow's room. Winslow Ledson—brother of Noble and Whitby and uncle of Steve—was the middle child of "The Ledson Boys," taking part in competitive high school livestock fairs, their own local business, and following Noble to college in San Luis Obispo. After the war, Winslow returned back home and took a job at Lucas Dairy in Marin. In 1942, Winslow Ledson married Helen Duignan and together they had a child. Winslow worked his way up the ladder at Lucas Dairy, managing various aspects of the busy dairy until it was purchased by Clover Dairy, at which point Winslow was named General Manager of Clover Dairy.

Winslow's room is elegant and understated with inviting natural-colored Venetian plaster walls creating an environment built for lingering. Wake up to the beautiful Sonoma County sun and pull open the curtains to enjoy a crisp morning on your private balcony. Pull on the plush white robes provided for your convenience and sit around the table outdoors with your breakfast and a section of the newspaper to plan a full day of activities while watching the people below hustling and bustling about the Historic Town Square. Since Winslow was a bit of an overachiever—a desirable trait which was passed down through the generations—we went above and beyond to make sure his room can suit your every need as a guest at the Ledson Hotel.

During his stay with Lucas and Clover Dairies, Winslow and his family lived in San Rafael where he began to purchase apartment buildings and other small residential property. They lived in the apartment buildings, fixed them up and re-sold them at a profit. By the time he was ready to retire from Clover Dairy in 1980, he had amassed a sizable real-estate portfolio and property management business, which he continued to oversee until his death in 1991.

Ledson Hotel Rooms - Winslow (Details) Ledson Hotel Room - Winslow (Details) Ledson Hotel Room - Winslow (Details)