Our Rooms

Appointed with antique grandeur and paired with modern amenities, each room reflects a different personality with almost 400 square feet of luxury and comfort.

ADA accessible room available upon request.

William Cunningham

Welcome to William’s room. William Cunningham—Edna’s father & Steve’s great-grandfather—was born to be a rancher who ended up with a deep love for grapes. William’s family grew Zinfandel and Alicante grapes and later in life he developed his own winery facilities and eventually bottled up to 8,000 gallons of his own wine. William’s love for Sonoma County grew too as he became Supervisor and kept the position for eight years.

William’s room is dramatic and handsome, just like the high school photo of him hanging on the wall next to the door. Boasting stately blue and gold colors, William’s room is accented with a granite bathtub for two in the bedroom, a cozy fireplace, ornate dark walnut wooden floors, and designed plaster walls. With the unbeatable atmosphere of wine country, an enviable California climate, and the unparalleled luxury of your own large room, take advantage of a no-stress vacation and relax in style. View all room amenities here.

There is no doubt William would have been happy to host people that are eager to soak up the Sonoma sun on their own personal rod iron patio and revel in not only the famous wine and the gorgeous scenery, but all the unique features that make Sonoma County a must see. View ameneties



Welcome to Noble’s room. Noble—Steve’s dad—was the only living relative when the hotel opened and was able to see the room that bears his name. A loving tribute to a truly outgoing guy, this room keeps you at ease and as comfortable as if you are relaxing at home.

The exposed wood beams on the ceiling and the earth-tone atmosphere is a nod to Noble’s love of the outdoors. The bright balcony overlooking the Sonoma Town Square is perfect for sharing a bottle of wine after dinner, breakfast in the morning, or a great way to wind down by sharing stories while watching for falling stars. Noble’s picture outside the door shows a handsome, well-groomed, young man in a bow tie ready to take on the world. Adopt Noble’s love for the outdoors and spend some time in the park across the street, or set up a picnic at Ledson Winery & Vineyards.

Noble brought farming back to his family and founded a Meadowlark Farm Dairy in Sonoma County which was later sold to Clover Dairy. Noble ended up leasing land all across the county, in which he raised cattle, grew produce, like walnuts and prunes, hay, and notably—wine grapes. Noble had two children in which he instilled his work ethic. Anyone who ever met or knew Noble up until his death in 2004 could not say a negative thing about him. Always a stand-up guy, Noble had a friendliness that spanned decades and generations because of an extreme loyalty for his childhood friends, as well as a genuine love for his family. As a helping hand around Ledson winery, Noble always took time to encourage and is no doubt smiling down on the success of the Ledson Hotel. View ameneties


Welcome to Whitby’s room. Whitby Ledson—Noble’s brother & Steve’s uncle—the youngest of “The Ledson Boys,” was an avid farmer and participated with his brothers in FFA competitions, actually winning the national live stock championship while in high school. The boys started their own company, General Parcel Delivery, by delivering home goods to their neighbors until they all left for college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Whitby’s room is as clean-cut as the young picture sitting on the wall outside. Warm shades of green like sea foam and celadon paired with gold throughout invite you to lie down and take a nap or settle into your bedroom bathtub with a glass of wine. The balcony is a must see for people-watching in the historic Town Square or just grabbing a bit of fresh air. This room invites relaxation, so don’t feel shy about making yourself at home here.

Whitby returned from the war and became a cattle rancher who branched out into the restaurant business with his wife and two young children, opening the Tower Cafe. Eventually, Standard Oil offered him a lot of money to put a Chevron gas station where the Tower Cafe once stood. Whitby brought his family back to Sonoma County and went to work at Kunde Winery in the 1980’s, and then B.R. Cohn, before starting his own vineyard management company. Whitby kept up his dedication to his position as provider until his death in 1997. View ameneties



Welcome to Winslow’s room. Winslow Ledson—brother of Noble and Whitby and uncle of Steve—was the middle child of “The Ledson Boys,” taking part in competitive high school livestock fairs, their own local business, and following Noble to college in San Luis Obispo. After the war, Winslow returned back home and took a job with Standard Oil, working there for 10 years before he was offered a job at Lucas Valley Dairy, a Marin milk producer. In 1942, Winslow Ledson married Helen Duignan and together they had a child. Winslow worked his way up the ladder at Lucas Valley Dairy, managing various aspects of the busy dairy until it was purchased by Clover Dairy in 1962, at which point Winslow was named General Manager of Clover Dairy.

Winslow’s room is elegant and understated with inviting natural-colored Venetian plaster walls creating an environment built for lingering. Wake up to the beautiful Sonoma County sun and pull open the curtains to enjoy a crisp morning on your private balcony. Pull on the plush white robes provided for your convenience and sit around the table outdoors with your breakfast and a section of the newspaper to plan a full day of activities while watching the people below hustling and bustling about the Historic Town Square. Since Winslow was a bit of an overachiever—a desirable trait which was passed down through the generations—we went above and beyond to make sure his room can suit your every need as a guest at the Ledson Hotel.

During his stay with Lucas Valley and Clover Dairies, Winslow and his family lived in San Rafael where he began to purchase apartment buildings and other small residential property. They lived in the apartment buildings, fixed them up and re-sold them at a profit. By the time he was ready to retire from Clover Dairy in 1980, he had amassed a sizable real-estate portfolio and property management business, which he continued to oversee until his death in 1991. View ameneties


Barker Ledson

Welcome to Barker’s room. Barker Ledson—Edna’s husband & Steve’s grandfather—was an avid explorer with an unfailing determination. Barker came to America from England at the age of 16 in 1896. Excited for the endless opportunities in America, he found himself working as a rancher for his aunt in Iowa in exchange for room and board. Bound for success, Barker left his aunt for the exciting adventure of working on the railroad which took him into the heat of the Mojave Desert—reminiscent of his red-themed room at the Ledson Hotel. Later on he took a job at the San Francisco City Ice company which would later merge with National Ice to become San Francisco National Ice Company, where he worked his way up to becoming the General Manager.

Barker’s room is the most Victorian in red and gold tones. Drink your morning coffee on your own private balcony while filling your senses with the sights and sounds of Sonoma or sit and relax in the evening after a long day of wine tasting. Stroll through the Historic Sonoma Town Square hand in hand, stop off and get a pastry from the French bakery next door or shop for unique gifts and goods at the small boutiques and antique shops that surround the hotel.

Barker eventually found himself in San Francisco where he met and married Edna and had three boisterous boys named Noble, Winslow, and Whitby, dubbed “The Ledson Boys” who were just as hard-working as their father. A picture that guards the entrance to Barker’s room shows him sitting in a train with his sleeves rolled up and you can just tell Barker’s hard-working spirit lives on through his family. View ameneties


Edna Cunningham

Welcome to Edna’s room. A quaint European-themed room complete with warm brick red accents, inviting furniture, a bathtub built for two, and a delightful balcony made for sipping wine and star-gazing. Edna Cunningham— Noble Ledson’s mother and Steve’s grandmother—was a wonderful, hard-working, and thoughtful woman. After marrying Barker Ledson in 1913, she bore three sons: Noble, Whitby, and Winslow and helped out on their cattle ranch whenever she could. Edna followed her husband’s lead by being resourceful when his company started a new endeavor using delivery trucks to deliver Eucalyptus for firewood.

Edna’s room holds hints of green speckled throughout acting as a nod to Edna’s love of the color and her penchant for synchronicity, as she was known to love color-coordinating—right down to her gardening tools. For those breezy, romantic Sonoma County nights, a fireplace is situated at the end of your bed as an invitation to get cozy. Cuddle with the one you love and enjoy a worry-free vacation in gorgeous wine country. The Paris city map, the subtle elegance of the décor, and the purposeful decoration from the wooden floors to the carved fireplace will make you feel like you are a visitor in a royal palace; Edna would be proud.

As a loving mother, dedicated wife, and hardworking creative spirit, Edna spent her life in the pursuit of providing a wonderful life for those she loved and in turn, Edna’s room and the staff at the Ledson Hotel will use the same standards to provide a great experience for all who stay here. View ameneties



Ledson Hotel Amenities Our finest personal service and prompt attention to every detail awaits every guest who passes through our door. Please feel free to contact us with any special requests or needs that you might have. We will make every effort to accommodate you.


Guests may have a glass or bottle of wine delivered to their room.


Two bathrobes are located in each of our guestrooms.


Guests may contact the Guest Services for assistance with making arrangements for any social or business needs.


We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Each of our six guestrooms is equipped with a fireplace.


A hair dryer has been placed in each room for our guests’ convenience.


Complimentary WiFi is available in all rooms.


An iron and ironing board have been placed in each room for our guests’ convenience.


Porter service is available to help with guests’ luggage.


Each room is equipped with a television with cable and a remote control. A channel listing is located in each room for your convenience.


Each room is equipped with an in-room whirlpool tub.